About this page

This page is mostly for me to share my doujinshi scans with others ^.^
I have always had problems with finding the ones I want myself, so I understand that it sucks when you have a pairing that you want to see more of.
Now I mostly have Yu-Gi-Oh! and Bleach Doujinshies, and my main shippings in my fandoms are:
Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Shirosaki or KonXIchigo (I just like uke Ichigo XD)
BakuraXRyou (DM)
JohanXJudai (GX)
JackXYusei (5Ds)
Final Fantasy 7:
It is ok to send requests for ones I should buy, but if I don’t have money or feel like I like the doujinshi, I won’t buy it. Since I just live on student pay and don’t have a job I am really careful about the ones I buy.

And I would be really happy if anyone told me if they found fairpriced and good GrimjowXIchigo (Or GrimjowXUlquiorra, or UlquiorraXIchigo, any of them anyway is fine XD) from bleach doujinshies! I would really be happy then, I have looked for a long time for good ones!

And a lot ask if they can translate any of my scans, and I would be stupid to say no! Translate away! But please share with the rest and credit me at least for the scans ^.^ And I also ask that in case my scans are translated I want to post them here on my site ^-^.
I have started to translate doujinshies myself now as well, and even though my japanese is not the best, please enjoy my scans as they come out ^-^ Right now I am working on Bleach, and when I run dry I will probably start on some of my old doujinsies from other fandoms as well ^-^


  1. Ahaha, hello there, Noin.
    I was wondering if it was okay for me to share some of your scanned doujins on the aarinfantasy forum, though someone already had (two johan/judai). Proper credit/link back will be provided, of course.

    Thanks again for scanning/sharing those doujins!

    • Oh, I hadn’t noticed that XD I think there is about four of my doujinshies there XD But I guess the person posting has a deal with Darkroses to post it.
      But it is ok to post it if you want to ^.^ Just remember crediting ^.^

  2. Hey Noin! ^_^

    Thank you so much for sharing your doujinshi, and your art. This is a wonderful site. I wanted to ask you if I could have your permission to translate your scans of the Shuuchuuchiryou Lv1 doujinshi for Bakura/Ryou and Marik/Malik. It’s obviously for non-profit, and of course I’ll credit both you and your site!!

    I’ll even send it back your way, if you want it. I promise to do a good job. =D

    • Thank you for liking my site ^.^
      And translate if you want too=) I would be overjoyed ^.^
      And please tell me when you have translated ^.^

      • Of course! I will do that. =D
        Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!

      • No problem at all ^.^ I am exited knowing I can soon know what happens in my doujinshi ^.^

      • Hey, the translation’s all done! I’m saving it up for the scanlation group I’m looking to start soon as I can get a couple more people in on it. If you have a particular doujinshi you’re dying to see translated, I do owe you a favor. You helped me out. =) I’m really lacking in the yugioh! doujinshi department, so I’m really glad I was able to translate at least one. You can download and read the translation at this address:


        Enjoy! ~placid~

      • thank you ^.^
        I am looking forward to see more of your work ^.^
        If you need people at anything else than translation and grammar I might be able to help if you need ^.^
        And don’t hesitate in translating more of my doujinshies if you wish to ^.^
        Could I post the translation on my site later too? To share it with the people that come to my site?

  3. You’re welcome! =D Thanks so much for the offer to translate more of the ones you have scanned. =) If I do decide to, I’ll let you know. As it is, there are a few other projects I’m working on right now, but I’ll definitely consider it. I think that Kamisama Onegai by Goendama is really fantastic… Really, what we need most are scans, and so your offer to help is really appreciated.

    And of course you can put it up on your site! It’s your doujinshi, after all. ^^; haha. Just credit me for being the translator, if you can. If/when we get an offical scanlation name/site, I’ll be sure to let you know! Thanks again for your support! You are awesome!

    • ^.^ thank you once again ^.^
      Don’t worry, translation is awesome, so of course I will credit ^.^
      Any special series you are interested in doujinshies from? I have a few final fantasy 7 ones I have scanned and a Kuroshitsuji one, I don’t know if you are interested in any of them ^.^

  4. Hey, you’re welcome! =D Thanks so much for offering to let me translate more of your scans. It’s really just a matter of time that’s lacking at this point, including scanning time, so I really appreciate your offer. I have a few projects backed-up already, but I’ll let you know if I decide to do another one of your scans!

    Of course you can post the translation on your site! ^^; It’s your doujinshi, after all. haha. Just credit me as the translator, that’s all. Thanks again for your support. You are awesome! If/When we get this thing started, I’ll send you our scanlation name. =D ~Placid~

  5. Hello Noin!

    Thanks you for sharing your Doujinshi!^^
    I wanted to ask you and placidmage if I can use your scans and scanlatios for my spanish scanlation team, and of course I’ll credit you two ^^.

    Thank you in advance!^^

    • I won’t mind if you use my scans as long as you credit, but I have no idea if placidmage will allow you to use her scanlation.

      • OH! Thank You!! ^^
        Do you know how can I contact with placidmage, please?

      • Sorry, I have no idea, I just talked to placidmage trough posts here…

  6. Hi 😀 you dont know me but i LOVE this site (and doujinshi in general) and i was wandering, i bought this yugioh doujinshi but it is raw.

    I VAUgely know whats going on but the part with sharks and cd’s..has me confuzzled. Could anyone translate it for me please?

  7. hey ankichan!
    how are you???
    are you alive xO
    everything ok with you? will you post some more nice ygo doujins in future?would be awsome…i love you because of this 🙂

    bye and have an ice day

    • I am wery much alive, but my money situation is not XD I will post what I can, when I get the money to it XD But I might get some nice BakuraXRyou ones for Christmas, so I’ll be sure to post a lot after the holidays at least =)

  8. Hello~

    I just wanted to let you know I’ll upload the scanlation of Fragment on Christmas.
    Shall I send it to you directly?
    If yes, is there a special host you prefer?

    – Meian

    • Send away=) I use Mediafire myself, but I can use most of the host sites like Megaupload as well =) Is it ok for me to post it here on the site too?=)

      • Sure, that’s no problem. ^^
        I hope you’ll like it. *^_^*

      • I bet I will ^.^

      • Alright, here we go:



      • Thank you ^.^ I’ll watch it when I have the time ^.^ busy Christmas XD

  9. Hi there! ^^

    Absolutely Love your site! ^^

    Were you able to find the d.spiritshipping anthology doujin?

    What do you think of this new doujin – spotted it via photobucket. http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/6160/jesse22.jpg

  10. Hi there!

    I recently got this doujin called Dis (johan x yubeljohan) and i wish to share, can u give me any pointers on how to do it?

    • First you should decide what uploader you want to use, I use mediafire, but there is a lot of options. Megaupload, rapidshare and a lot of more.
      When you have uploaded a zip or rar file, you find a page to post your link ^.^ You can either post at your own site, or ask anyone to post it for you=)

  11. Hi there

    I read your comment in the DJ : Shiki – Eternal Devotee (Scanlation) that you were upset about your scans being posted in aarinfantasy.

    I am sorry about it since a member had obtained permission from you about sharing your DJ in the forum and you had granted permission so I had never thought about obtaining your permision to post new scans in the forum >_<. Please forgive my stupidity.

    I am now seeking your approval/permission for me to post your scans in aarinfantasy again. Proper credit/link back will be provided.

    Thanks for your time and hope you can forgive me.

    • No problem ^.^ As long as you credit me and link to my site it is ok for me ^.^ And to ask first is also a nice thing to do ^.^And you can just post back up again, don’t worry about it ^.^

      • Thank you for giving me the permission to post your DJ in aarinfantasy and I shall always remember your advice that “to ask first is also a nice thing to do”.

        Thanks for all the marvelous DJ that you had scanned for all DJ lovers ^_^.

  12. Haha, maybe you should have just posted the doujins on the aarin forums yourself, it makes things easier for people to know that you have scanned and uploaded new stuff. You already made the posts on this blog, so just copypaste them from here onto the forum. Or perhaps you already started to do so (are you Monoka)?

    Just wanted to drop a comment here after the influx of activity lately. Thanks for all the shares, too!

    • I know that I should have, but before I could other people started XD And I don’t mind as long as I am credited ^.^ And I am not Monoka XD I think my name is either ankichan or noinchan on aarin, and I have posted nothing XD

      • Fast reply is fast xD Haha, really? For example, the Shiki doujins were posted there after a few days have passed, or are you talking about the recent Bleach doujin? Maybe you should post them near or at the same time. And sorry about the identity confusion, I thought Monoka were you because of the Bleach avatar, lol.

      • I’ll let other people post there XD as long as people want to do it that is ok with me ^.^

  13. It seems that this page is no longer active, but I would really like to get my hands on some of the Yu-Gi-Oh GX doujinshi you’ve uploaded–is there any chance that those files may still be around somewhere? All the links are broken.

    • This site is not down, but it seems that mediafire has been deleting all my files for some reason. I have to wait until I have time to get it all up again, so you can try to get them over at aarinfantasy since someone has been posting them there for me too ^-^
      I know I haven’t posted for a while, but I will try my best to scan more when I am back at my own place again, right now I am stranded at my brother’s place and taking care of his kids. I do not want to sit here and scan doujinshies then…

      • That’s tragic…Is it because of some violation or inactivity of your Mediafire account? I shall try Aarinfantasy, and thank you for your timely response. Good luck with your brother’s children.

      • I got a violation earlier, but I thought it was just some of the doujinshies, but it seems most of them has been taken down… I don’t know why I had a warning, but I will probably try and upload everything on megaupload now, and maybe some other site if you know some filesharing side that isn’t hard to get up on?

  14. I would try 4shared, and if you have the Opera Browser, I would recommend its File Sharing application. However, I have neither experiences with both website/program, so your best bet is on Megaupload if you don’t feel risky.

  15. ‘allo, just wanted to check if it’s okay if I (try to XD; ) translate “Kami-sama Onegai” by Goendama using your scans? Naturally, I’d make sure to put you as the scanner and link back to your site. 🙂
    All the doujinshi I translate gets posted at fuckyeahygodoujinshi.tumblr.com

    • Of course you can=) as long as I can post a link to it from my site I am just happy that someone translates the scans=)

  16. Hey!
    I love all the options you have here, but most all the Yu-gi-oh doujin links are dead. Is there a place where they’ve been reuploaded?

    • Sorry for the late reply, exam times. Did you try to download them from the doujinshi list? If you did, the links are dead, you have to look for the posts where I first posted, sorry.

  17. OMG!!!!What a amazing site!!!!Thank you sooooooo much for your sharing !!!! I love hichiichi!!!!!!My favorate!!! 33333

  18. Hello 🙂
    I would like to ask if I could use your scans and translations.
    Site address: http://amaiakuma.ubf.pl/news.php
    of course your creditsy remain 🙂

    • That is ok=) As long as credits remains I am ok with that =) But be sure that for the translations, you use the ones that I translated, since there are some that other people used my scans to translate, and they might not feel as relaxed about you using their translations.

  19. Thank you very much -^.^-

  20. Hi! I would like to ask if I could use your scanlations (the ShiroIchi’s, omg I love them!), to re-scanlate them into spanish. Credit page will not be touched, of course. Thank you very much for everything ;v; <3.

    • Of course that is ok =) just remember to credit me for scans and stuff and you can have fun with them as you wish =)

  21. Just want to drop by and say hello since I haven’t seen your updates..
    Well, hope you have a great life ahead 🙂

    • Thank you =) I went away and worked hard for a year, but now I have time again =)

  22. http://www.doujinshi.org/book/491312/

    if you can find and scan these that would be nice i would even be willing to help pay for some scans please email me at mihcelous@hotmail.com

    • ;A; I would be happy if I found some of these too! I have a secret love for genderbender and I would at least love the one with Ryou Bakura…

  23. Scan a lot of gender bender stuff myself but even good buyers and eBay it is still a crap shoot

    • if you find what you want on ebay it is usually out of luck…

  24. I need a buyer that can do Japan auvtions

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