Posted by: ankichan | August 24, 2015

Back by popular demand

I know I have been away for a long, long time, and that sadly my links have been down for a while, but now that I have some more time, and also some money to buy doujinshies again (have two yu-gio-oh! Leche doujinshies on the way : D) I will be starting to post some things again.

Firstly I will try to get all the links up again, I might have to look a little extra for some of them, so for now, I will just put up one sort of compressed file, and try to use the Mega uploader. I might add more later.

I will try to start translating a little again, and if there is anyone that sees some interesting doujinshies from any sites where it is secure to buy, please don’t hesitate to send me a link, and I might buy if I find any interest in it =)


Now all the doujinshies should be up again. I put them on mega, and most of the files are rar to save some time when uploading it all again. I might try to scanlate a little again soon, until then look forward to my newest doujinshies arriving ^-^


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