Posted by: ankichan | April 9, 2014

Sorry for being away for a while

Well, I have been gone for a really, really long time from wordpress. I got a job, and worked really hard, and then I discovered Tumblr and went MIA for a while. I sort of want to start this blog up again, but won’t be able to buy any new doujinshies for a while since I am broke now. But I still want to try and fix the links on the page, and try to translate more doujinshies.

Many people ask about the doujinshi list, and the links in it is dead, you usually have to go to the original post of the doujinshi you want and download there. I have written it here now, so I hope I won’t have to answer it any more times. I might get time to fix the links in it, but I don’t promise anything.

I will have a Kingdom Hearts scanlation posted soon, and might do some of the crack bleach ones when I have time. If you find any bleach doujinshies on ebay or simillar, send me a mail and I will see if it is something I might buy =). Also, the list of various genderbent yu-gi-oh looked nice, if anyone know a safe site to buy them from, I might do so!

Update: The link to the scanlated Fragment doujinshi has now been updated. If there is any other doujinshi link that has gone dead, please tell me and I will fix it =)



  1. I’m not sure if you’re taking requests, or where to post this.. I’m new so.. But i found your page looking for kingcrabshipping. I was wonder if maybe you’d do treasonshipping(Yusei x Kiryu). It’s almost impossible to find it to read online. If not that’s ok everyone has different preferences and money is tight. But can’t to at least ask and try. And i wish you luck!

    • hi=) It is ok to ask here so no problem ^.^ I just get doujinshies from ships I really like, so I doubt I will get from that ship any time soon. But it is ok to ask ^.^ Sorry I couldn’t be any help.

  2. So glad you’re back!

  3. Hey there’s this new doujinshi Masaki Rioka made called “TRIGGER”. It’s a shiro x ichi doujinshi. Do you think you can get that one?

  4. all of the links have died. And I really wish to read all of the doujinshi about Spiritshipping and Selfshipping you’ve already had on your blog. Those doujinshi are impossible to find. Could you get back the link? It would be wonderful if you can.

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