Posted by: ankichan | April 21, 2012

Doujinshi: Hey Man!

Title: Uzi-ie code 3rd collection pt1: Hey Man!

Circle: Uzi-ie code

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 32

Pairing: None.

Rating: None, is just crack XD

Download 4shared:



Well, decided to start and scan this one now. It is just the first part of it, and is about both Arrancars and Shinigamis, but mostly about Hisagi, Kira and Renji XD. Poor Hisagi, I hope his meeting with Kensei did not go like that. And I understand why Ichigo tossed them out in the end XD

I am starting to translate play of the twin dragons now, but I also have exams to read for, and a task to write about science and politics XD.



  1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. =333= good luck on exam..Well, as a student major in Political science, i can feel your pain..333

    • Thank you =)

      • ><

  3. Hi, where do you buy your doujinshi? I checked (since Masaki Rioka’s site led me there) and I don’t think they ship oversees? I want to start buying doujinshi (at a cheap price XD), but I really don’t know where to look. Where do you suggest?

    • I buy from different places. I buy the Masaki Rioka once from someone who gets them from a person in Japan, but most others I buy for a fair price from Madarake They have cheap enough doujinshies, and also sell overseas, and I get the doujinshies to my door after just a week ^-^. Other than that I buy some from ebay when I can’t find them anywhere else=)

  4. Your scans are gorgeous. Thank you so much!

    Sorry for flood, but what do you think about doujinshi’s from this author? **

    By the way Masaki planning new doujinshi:

    • Thank you ^-^ I have looked at pictures from those doujinshies… but I haven’t been able to find any place to buy it XD If I found it I might though, I sort of liked them ^-^
      And I also noticed that there was a new one planned for mai, but it depends on if I can get it ^-^ And even if I do, it won’t come for a while XD

  5. Can you tell me or give a link where I can buy this doujinshi? I love the art style and would die and pay anything from this author.

    • I bought some of them here, and some on auctions on ebay. But I really love this artist too, it is adorable and cute =) And so sorry for the really, really late answer…

  6. Could you please re-upload the links?

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