Posted by: ankichan | April 21, 2012

Doujinshi: Hey Man!

Title: Uzi-ie code 3rd collection pt1: Hey Man!

Circle: Uzi-ie code

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 32

Pairing: None.

Rating: None, is just crack😄

Download 4shared:



Well, decided to start and scan this one now. It is just the first part of it, and is about both Arrancars and Shinigamis, but mostly about Hisagi, Kira and Renji😄. Poor Hisagi, I hope his meeting with Kensei did not go like that. And I understand why Ichigo tossed them out in the end😄

I am starting to translate play of the twin dragons now, but I also have exams to read for, and a task to write about science and politics😄.


  1. Thank you for sharing!🙂

  2. =333= good luck on exam..Well, as a student major in Political science, i can feel your pain..333

    • Thank you =)

      • ><

  3. Hi, where do you buy your doujinshi? I checked (since Masaki Rioka’s site led me there) and I don’t think they ship oversees? I want to start buying doujinshi (at a cheap price XD), but I really don’t know where to look. Where do you suggest?

    • I buy from different places. I buy the Masaki Rioka once from someone who gets them from a person in Japan, but most others I buy for a fair price from Madarake They have cheap enough doujinshies, and also sell overseas, and I get the doujinshies to my door after just a week ^-^. Other than that I buy some from ebay when I can’t find them anywhere else=)

  4. Your scans are gorgeous. Thank you so much!

    Sorry for flood, but what do you think about doujinshi’s from this author? **

    By the way Masaki planning new doujinshi:

    • Thank you ^-^ I have looked at pictures from those doujinshies… but I haven’t been able to find any place to buy it😄 If I found it I might though, I sort of liked them ^-^
      And I also noticed that there was a new one planned for mai, but it depends on if I can get it ^-^ And even if I do, it won’t come for a while😄

  5. Can you tell me or give a link where I can buy this doujinshi? I love the art style and would die and pay anything from this author.

    • I bought some of them here, and some on auctions on ebay. But I really love this artist too, it is adorable and cute =) And so sorry for the really, really late answer…

  6. Could you please re-upload the links?

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