Posted by: ankichan | April 12, 2012

What to translate next?

Thought I should try and ask what people thought I should try and translate next =) I can’t guarantee that I find out what all of the kanji’s and words means, but I’ll try my best to get what is voted to the top done ^.^
The poll will be open for a week ^.^

It seems that play of the twin dragons won, so look forward to it in the future! =)



  1. Play of the twin dragons.. Please! ^-^’ I reeally, really, really wanna know what it is.

    • I have already uploaded the raw, so you can download it in japanese if you want ^.^

  2. Please, translate Play of the twin dragons (Shirosaki X Ichigo)!!!

    • I’ll try to translate the one that gets most votes XD

      • Ankichan, I wish to you translate The Butterfly inside the dream, Moriae encomium, Futsutsuka mono desu ga – pt.1, Betsu ni onichan no koto ga sukinawakejanain dakara ne! Sweet milky and Chocola too XD I know it’s big request, but I really want to know what they say T^T

      • I’ll translate what I understand enough of and what I have time for now that I am closing in on exams XD

  3. I love play of the twin dragons! BTW, if you need any help please let me know (Since I had some Chinese Edition of them so I can re-translate it into English ^ ^ )

    • It’s ok ^.^ It isn’t so big so I should be able to get most of it done myself ^-^

      • 333 Nice~ ^ ^

      • Thanks for your hard work! >3<

  4. Choices choices choices 🙂 I’ll be happy with anything, but I voted for Milk Candy. I want to know why they have boobs. Kon must have been up to something again lol. As always, thanks for your hard work!

    • XD It is probably Kon buying stuff from Urahara again XD

      • yep!XDD and this time it works perfect (well,,,at least from Kon’s perspective hah =w=+ )

      • XD

  5. I want sweet milky please \o/

  6. Looking forward to see your translation~>3<

  7. Please translate Milk candy

    • I probably will in the future ^-^

  8. translate more IchiRukis ❤

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