Posted by: ankichan | April 2, 2012

Scanlation: Bleach – Marshmallow

Title: Marshmallow

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner, translator and editor: Anki-chan

Spellcheck: Sheirrh

Pages: 24

Pairing: Kon X femIchigo

Rating: 18+

Warning: This one is hentai, which is possible due to the miracles of gender bender XD



Yeah, I went and translated a hentai XD Shoot me if you don’t like XD. I had to re-scan the entire thing, and also had to figure out how to scan this without the scans turning out too bad, and I think they were almost good enough in the end ^-^ Some of the sides are bad, but it don’t destroy anything of the comic so I let it be ^-^.

Once more, I know my translations aren’t the best, since I think I had to guess a little on some of the things here, but some of it is due to the fact that the first playback doujinshi was really bad at keeping some of the kanji clear. This is probably due to the fact that they had to re-size the doujinshies for the smaller form Playback has. And also some of the handwritings is almost impossible to read XD

Well, enjoy XD


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YES! AND AND GENDER BENDER… Can I just marry you already?

    • You are welcome XD And no, you may not marry me XD Then my spellchecker might stare with murder in your general direction XD I might also translate Milk candy from Playback 2 XD

      • I was just looking through Playback 2 and thinking how hot it would be if Milk Candy was translated. There’s not enough sexy gender bender Ichigo to go around and the fact that Shiro was gender swapped too was just…pure golden.

        I’m just going to live on your blog for all eternity.

      • I so agree with you on that XD But will see when I get around to it ^-^

  2. XDDDDD that’s amazing!!!

  3. Aww the links are dead T.T

  4. Hello, I think the download link has broken, may you reupload it? I will be very grateful because I love this doujinshi so much.

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