Posted by: ankichan | March 31, 2012

Doujinshi: Bleach – Hot summer!

Title: Hot Summer!

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 40

Pairing: Kon X Ichigo

Rating: 18+



A weekend treat XD

Well, what can you say about this one other than: Ichigo was bound to snap in the end after all Kon put him through XD I might try and scanlate this later, but is working on one of the ones from Playback 1 right now ^-^ Look forward to it! I have easter now, I can do whatever I want!!



  1. Oh my~ *////*
    I’ve been reading Masaki’s dj for a very long time, but never seen so much porn in it. Thanks for scanning and sharing. So little Berry-chan goes nuts after some hard smex? >:D

    • I have both the Playback ones, so there is a lot of smex all over the place XD But I think this is the first one where Ichigo loses it like this XD It is sort of fun XD

      • Maybe I just haven’t used to KonIchi, but any way it was fun and hot ^_^
        Btw do you have this dj?

      • I don’t, but because it is a collaberation doujinshi I probably won’t try to get it either, since only one story is Gyohkoh and the rest is other artists… so you pay a lot and get only one story of what you really want XD

  2. Such intriguing comments!!! Can’t wait to download!
    Thank you=)

  3. I swear every time you post some Hichi xIchi or Kon x Ichi I get so excited that I can hardly contain myself. I wish I could buy these doujins but I’m glad someone likes the pairing so much that I can see maskai rioka’s books.

    So I truly thank you for each time you scan your books and post them, even going as far as to scanlate them.

    • thank you ^-^ It is because they were hard to come by that I decided to start buying them myself to scan them so =)

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. thank you for the treat :”D

  6. I have a problem for download :it makes me strange codes :S

    • I don’t seem to have any problems downloading it. Is the problem when you follow the link? Or when you try to download?

  7. When the download is complete and it should open

    • when you get rar or zip file on your computer?

  8. no it’s good set with a friend ^^
    but THANK for the doujinshi !!

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