Posted by: ankichan | March 27, 2012

Scanlation: Bleach – Lollipop Carnival

Title: Lollipop Carnival

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner, editor and translator: Anki-chan

Spellchecking: Sheirrh

Pages: 32

Pairing: Big brothers Mugetsu and Ichiru (older Ichigo) X Ichigo, and also Ichigo and Mugetsu X Ichiru. (Yes, Ichigo gets to top in this one XD)

Rating: 18+

Warnings: Incest, since they are all brothers. Continuation of tripleberry au lait.



OMG this took a lot of work! This is just the second I try on and I sort of did all of it myself… I think I should start to do the pages as I translate them XD. Well, I’m not sure if everything is right, but I think most of it is translated as it was meant to be. And I am not sure if the older Ichigo’s name is Ichiru, but it was either that or Ichirupis or something like that, so Ichiru sounded right. The same with one of the triplets, but I think his name is Kyo, that means crazy or insane XD

And for the record, I love Rei-nii! And out of all of them it seems that he is the only one who in the end has Ichigo’s best in interest. The only problem with this doujinshi and tripleberry au lait is that I sort of want to see more of their daily life XD these siblings amuses me XD

This is my gift to the Bleach fandom now that the anime is over, so, here! have Ichigo! Lots of him!

Edit: fixed a 4shared link



  1. Thank you ^^

    • No problem at all=) enjoy ^.^

  2. Are you still uploading to 4shared? Because I can’t download from Rapidshare 😦

    • ah, sorry about that, but 4shared is weird today, so I just had to find another place to upload for today, I will try to make a 4shared link again later… sorry for the trouble

      • It’s ok. Guess I’ll just have to wait~ You are the one who spent your time scanning and translating so I’m not complaining 🙂

  3. sorry, I can’t download it 😦

    • I’m fixing up a 4shared mirror now=) check back in about an hour or something=)

  4. ok thank ! ^^

  5. Wow, so emotionable!!!
    I’m ready to shout like Ichigo “So good! So good!” :DDD
    Thank you very-very-very much translation!

    • No problem at all XD Did the translation for myself as well XD

  6. Well done=)

    • Thank you=) Just my second scanlation so I am a little proud XD But I guess that when I am half a year from a bachelor in Japanese I should be able to do this much XD

      • Sugoi!!!
        Proud of your achivements and good luck in further study 🙂

      • Thank you=)

  7. Thank you so much for your hard work ;w;/

    • No problem=) Was worth it XD


  9. I want to thank you a billion times for this. I never thought that I would ever read this doujinshi, and you made it possible. By the way, thanks for the translation and for giving us data about the name of the third brother from Tripleberry. I want to make you one of my idols now, and you should become a translator! 😀

    • No problem at all =) I really wanted to know what was going on myself too XD The third one, you mean Rei? Or Kyo XD? I’m still not sure about the name because the kanji has other uses, but Kyo sort of seemed like the only one to use as a name XD And as a answer to both your comments, I will probably continue to translate some doujinshies XD I have translated one from Playback that I will post soon, but that is the only one that is hentai for some reason XD

  10. Thanks so much for this! Thanks for translating this doujinshi which just made my day, and Ichigo is so lucky. He has FIVE boyfriends. I envy him. You should translate more doujinshi, you’re a good scanlator. 😀

  11. I just found your page and downloaded MANY of your scanlations and Raws. I just wanted to say a general thank you for all of your hard work! I Imagine scanning the 2 Plackback books took a VERY long time.

    THIS story was the best out of all of them though!!!! OMG!!! Nosebleed all over the place!!! I want to see more of Mugestu for sure! Maybe he and Rei-nii will fight it out for Ichi’s love 🙂 Thanks again!!!!

    • No problem at all =)And yes, those books were a nightmare to scan XD And it seemes that because I scanned so badly I have to scan the chapters I want to translate again too XD. And I really loved this one as well, I hope there will come more from the Ichigo brothers ^-^ But I doubt those two will fight over Ichigo, since it seems that Mugetsu already is in a relationship with Ichiru XD

  12. Thank you so much for your hard work TwT!!! I Love You <3!!!

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