Posted by: ankichan | March 4, 2012

Doujinshi: Bleach – Animals’ Castle

Title: Animals’ castle

Circle: Uzi-ie code

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 32

Pairing: none

Rating: None, is just crack and vampire bat Ulquiorra not pleased with having his home invaded XD



Ulquiorra is a vampire bat that lives alone in a underground castle inside a cave XD He first invited Starrk to live there so he could get blood from him, but then others starts to move in as well, against his wish. Ulquiorra decides that they will pay with blood XD

Other part is about Starrk having to find food for his stay, and then we follow stray cat Grimmjow on his adventuresXD

This is the second part of the animal doujinshies, and you can find the first one on the net, but so far I have only found it scanlated into chinese, so I have ordered myself one in japanese instead, since me and my friends really want to try and scanlate these=) Right now we are working on another doujinshi from the same circle, that is about the shinigami’s christmas, and the arrancars’ new year=) We are around half way XD

I really love Uzi-ie code doujinshies XD They have a lot of fun stories about the Arrancars, and some about the shinigamis as well=) So far I have the third compilation volum, this one and the newest one that came out for christmas. I have also ordered another one centered around Ulquiorra, and also the first one with the animal stories. If anyone knows a place I can find the other compilation ones, or the one called 8 guns cheap, please tell me=)


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