Posted by: ankichan | February 25, 2012

Doujinshi: Bleach – Playback 2 pt6 – Milk candy

Title: MilkCandy

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 30

Pairing: femShirosaki, Kon X femIchigo

Rating: 18+

Warning: This one is a futunari, and there is also the sudden sight of not only Ichigo with big boobs, but also Shirosaki… you have been warned -.-

New download 4shared:

Zip / Rar


Wow, I felt like I had just crossed a border that should not have been crossed with the tentacle part, but now I have kept going, and today, I have finally become a real doujinshi sharing site, and given all of you futunari. Do I feel proud? I am not sure XD Do you guys feel proud XD?



  1. I’m happy you shared it, cause I can delete another doujin from my wish list now.
    Thanks so much ^^
    So, one more thing, you have ordered UdR 3, right?
    Will you scan it? I’d be glad if you would, because the scans I found today, will be to small for a good scanlation ^^
    Well, if you will, I’ll share the scanlation with you again of course

    • No problem at all=)
      Where did you find scans?
      I have ordered it, but the person I get from gets them from a friend in japan, so I don’t really know when they get sent… So it might be some time still…

      • Near_note on livejournal put them up recently, but I still need the password to unlock them, I know they are smaller than your scans from UtR 2.

  2. omg i’ve could have sworn i feel horny after finishing this doujinshi o.o

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