Posted by: ankichan | February 18, 2012

Scanlation: Bleach – Playback 2 – pt1 Cage

Title: Cage

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner: Anki-chan

Scanlation: Shirosaki Yue

Pages: 33 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: Shirosaki X Ichigo

Rating: 18



Zip / Rar


Zip / Rar


Thanks to Shirosaki Yue for scanlating the first part of Playback 2! =) I know a lot of people can’t read Japanese as badly as me, so english probably works the best for understanding stuff XD.




  1. Thanks so much to you two *bear hug* Nice translation Yue but next time, please, use some other font like Comics Sans. ‘Coz it’s hard to read without zooming picture. ^^;
    *Waits for next scans*

  2. Thank you so much for scans Anki-chan!!!

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