Posted by: ankichan | February 14, 2012

Doujinshi: Bleach – Playback 2 pt3 – Special happiness

Title: Special happiness

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 22

Pairing: Shirosaki and Kon X Ichigo

Rating: 18+

New download 4shared:

Zip / Rar


I am on a roll!! XD I have also ordered some doujinshies from Mandarake =) The three doujinshies are mainly Espada crack, but also about the shinigamis=) they are from the circle Uziie code, and I’ll scan them as well, since this circle is great, and most of the doujinshies I have come over by them has been scanlated into chinese and I can’t read a thing XD these are the ones:

死神のクリスマス アランカルのお正月

Animal’s Castle


One of them is a collection book, so there is four in one, and I am looking forward to the one called animal’s castle, since it involves evil vampire bat Ulquiorra that demands a lot of blood from everyone XD



  1. Oh, thanks so much for uploading these ❤

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