Posted by: ankichan | February 11, 2012

Under the rose 2?

I got the Bleach doujinshi, Under the Rose 2 a little late, so someone told me that it had already been scanned by someone and translated. Is that true? If not please tell me XD I didn’t scan it because I thought it was already out there, but is it?

It is a vampire Shirosaki X Priest Ichigo doujinshi, if someone didn’t know ^-^



  1. I love Under the Rose series too!
    Unfortunately no one had translated this doujinshi, and we said domo arigatto for the good scans (Your scans are the best!).

    • Hm, I’ll scan it then I think XD

  2. Under the Rose is one of the best of Rioka’s series! Nope, nobody did a translation of UtR2 but it would be great if you scan it! Plz continue your scanning – yours are best!
    BTW do you have Under the Rose 3 or MilkCandy? *____*

    • I am getting under the rose 3, I don’t know when thou XD I have a deal with someone that gets them for me and I pay for them in bulks =) But if you mean MilkCandy with the second doujinshi where Ichigo turns into a woman (and Shirosaki as well) yes, I have it XD It is in playback 2, so I will scan it eventually=)

  3. yeah UTD 2 is scanned but not translated, yet.
    I tried to translate it myself and got pretty far, but there are some sentences left that I can’t translate on my own, so I asked for help, but yeah got no reply so far.
    Well let’s see who ‘ll get the translation out first.
    Me or the pro’s xD

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