Posted by: ankichan | December 4, 2011

Doujinshi:Bleach – Playback 2 pt1 – Cage

Title: Cage

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 33 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: Shirosaki X Ichigo

Rating: 18

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Sorry for no updates for a while XD I haven’t bought many doujinshies lately, but I got a big batch with two Gyohkoh collection doujinshies and also the second vampire doujinshi, but I heard that someone had already scanned that, so I won’t do that :P. I got one gintama, two code geas and also one D.Gray-man, so I might scan some of those later too.

This will be a small Christmas gift from me, since I won’t be able to scan more in at least a month, since I am going home for the vacation tomorrow, and I don’t have a scanner there ^-^.

For the rest of this doujinshi, I will scan it, but one of the stories I won’t scan, because it is so wrong that I don’t want to have it on my record and neither should any of you want it.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone=)


  1. Thx for sharing this and I look forward to the next uploads.
    Mind telling me which of the stories you won’t scan…and maybe why you think of it as being wrong?

    • No problem =)
      The one I won’t scan is the second of the stories, and that is because it is adult Ichigo getting it on with kid Shirosaki. I can accept most of the kinks in this book, but I won’t stand for pedophilia, so those parts won’t be scanned at all.

  2. You’re amazing!!!

  3. Link doesn’t work. 😦
    Can you upload dj to other site?

    • Right now ot seems that it is Megaupload that is gone, so wait for a day, and if it isn’t back, I will upload on Mediafire.

  4. Megaupload has been accused of pirating files/etc. Can you please upload the Playbacks on Mediafire or something else? I really want to read them~. >,<
    Sorry if this is a hassle.

    • I will upload them again on something, but I have already had problems with mediafire, so I will have to find something else to use that won’t take the files down and leave me to re-post all doujinshies after 30 days…

      • OK, thank you! Please take your time~. X3

  5. thanks for sharing this ^^
    I want to try and translate it, but unfortunately some text on page 31 is a bit blury and I can’t read the characters,
    Could you scan this page anew, please?
    thanks in advance ^^

    • Shirosaki panel 1 one page says: 今もお前に縛られたままで
      and the blurry one with Ichigo is : ?

      Is that enough? If not tell me and I will try and rescan it XD Was just that that one page were really hard since the writing was so far into the side…

      • oh that’s just fine ^^
        thank you very much

  6. me again xD
    I finished translating, and thought you might want to read it.
    Here are the links

    • Great job=) Is it ok if I share it on the site? I will make new links or use yours if you want=)?

      • Sure you can share them on your site ^^
        Do whatever you want to link it.
        When I’m finished with UtR 2 I’ll contact you again, though that might take some time

      • Thank you =) And don’t worry about taking time, since it is worth waiting for=) And the last story in Playback 2 I think is a continuation to this one, just in case you would want to translate that too=)

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