Posted by: ankichan | August 21, 2011

Doujinshi:Bleach – Playback 1 (complete)

Title: Playback 1

Circle: GYOHKOH (Masaki Rioka)

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 194 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: Shirosaki and KonXIchigo

Rating: 18


Well, this one has most of it! Genderbender, tentacles, threesomes ++


part1 / part2


Well, I have a new scanner, so I decided to get this one done with XD I put it all together and it has everything, minus the two stories that has already been translated into english.

There is a lot of kinks in this one, it has a tentacle story with Ichigo and Kon and also a genderbender with the two of them XD.

Might get the second one and also the second under the rose doujinshi in the future too ^-^



  1. i have two bleach doujinshi i want to know if you can translate them in english here the links to them i upload them online

    link 1)

    link 2)

    • I am really sorry, but I don’t translate. I know basic japanese, but not good enough to translate something completely. The ones on this site that has been translated is done by others, I just provide the scans.

  2. if that true do you know some that can translate them i only know how to read english T_T

    • You can ask the ones that has translated the others here, but if they aren’t interested you could go and find a translator group that does it for a fair price.

      • really! but do you where to go i do not really know any one this only time ever did this be for i would buy doujinshi so that people could not get it could read it but i only know english i doing for for all fans of doujinshi

      • Eternal dream did a few here, other than them you can check who else translates bleach, you just have to check out around on the net.

  3. where can i fine eternal dream?

  4. Thank you so much for scanning! I’ve been dying to buy Playback (without any luck), so I’m really thankful that you decided to scan the whole doujinshi ^-^

    *fangirl’s scream*

    • No problem at all=)

      • I almost forgot, Under the rose 2 has already been scanlated by near_note xD

  5. i know my friend got the book to but i now sure when there going to put it in english

  6. I love You! ^^ Thx so much!

  7. first off i just want to thank u for doing this for us fans out there. however, i think there might be something wrong w/ this first book. i tried downlaoding both of the links u have up but then when i try to open it adobe says there’s something wrong with them. could u take a look n see whats going on?

    • It is part files, and I use winrar to unzip them, start with the first one and both of them should be unzipped together.

  8. Thanks for sharing this doujinshi.
    But I think there’s a part missing.
    Um it’s the one from page 31 to 65,
    The title is:
    ( Sono toki sekai ga hibi wareru oto o kiita )
    DId you scan this one too, so would you share it?

    • Acctually I mentioned it when I started to scan this doujinshi, I would not scan two of the stories, because they have already been scanned and translated on the net, it is that one, and the one with Grimmjow. I have not scanned it, so I will not share it.

  9. Can you re-upload again?
    The megaupload link is dead now TT

    Thank you so much ^^

    • If you are a member of aarinfantasy you can find it there, I am working on getting links up for the lost megaupload files, but it is not going fast.

  10. Thanks for the scans ^_^ ….However something went wrong when I tried to download Playback part 1. At first it works on my laptop, and I use WinZip to open the rar file. But now whenever I open it it says I have to insert a disk in order to read it. -_- I’m asking a big favor but could you please just re-upload the Tentacle story with KonXIchigo? That’s the only one I need. I don’t mind if its raw, because I can understand it.

    Thanks so very much ^_^

    • It is a part file, you have to download both part 1 and 2 for it to work… then you unzip the first one and both parts are unzipped together into one folder

  11. Is there a place I can download it as a .zip, not a .rar? My computer doesn’t seem to want to download it that way…

  12. Dou you mind If this is posted as a “reupload” on aarinfantasy on this post:

    • not at all =) as long as I am credited I don’t mind =w=

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