Posted by: ankichan | June 13, 2011

Sorry for the links

Update 20.08.2011

I have gotten all the old links up on megaupload now, so everyone should be able to download. Some of the files didn’t want to pop up for me because of a busy server, but I hope they will work soon.

Tell me if something is wrong, but PLEASE, check that someone else haven’t already said the same thing! Or like this post, check if there isn’t a reason before you start spamming me with questions of why the files don’t work!

I will try and scan more soon, and I might get more bleach doujinshies soon too!



  1. Do you think one day you’ll get it so you can directly download by just clicking and hitting save target as? It’s just websites don’t really work for me ^^;;;

    • Nopes, sorry, I will never do that XD I will keep going with Megaupload, so sorry.

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