Posted by: ankichan | January 30, 2011

Doujinshi: Shiki – S.G.F – ToruXNatsuno

Title:S.G.F (Sex Growth Factor) (RAW)

Circle: mintgun/fuki

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 44 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: ToruXNatsuno

Rating: 18



One more for you guys! I also ordered two more of the same circle, one is Toru and Natsuno, while the other is Ozaki and Natsuno XD Look forward to it ^.^


  1. I’m taking. Thank you~

  2. Taking! Thanks!

  3. <33333

  4. Hi there, thanks so much for scanning this! May I have permission to scanlate it at my scanlation group?

    • Of course you can! =) The only thing I ask in return is to be credited, and that I can share the scanlation here on my site as well=)

      • You’ll definitely be credited 🙂

        And of course, you can share it here once it’s been released~


  5. Could you do an english script for the shiki doujinshi called “glamorous flower”??? PLEASE????

    • Since It isn’t my doujinshi scan I probably won’t… and I won’t scanlate something not mine without approval from the original scanner.

  6. thank u for sharing!

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