Posted by: ankichan | January 21, 2011

Scanlation:Shiki- Eternal Devote (ToruXNatsuno)

I knew nothing about this at all, but I just found it out on the net XD I’m not sure if it is my scans that has been used, but it is posted under my scans on aarinfantasy XD (I didn’t even know it had been posted there XD You guys suck! XD) Edit: The first scans in the post is mine, but these are from someone else ^.^ But just thought I should post here anyway, I’ll remove if the scanlator complains, and since I just put links to where you can get the scans I don’t think it counts as reupload or reposting ^.^

Title: Eternal Devote
Circle: Planet-Blue
Fandom: Shiki
Pairing: Touru x Natsuno
Rating: R18
Language: English
Scanlation by Lady Phantomhive

or you can get it over at aarinfantasy.

I really want to add a better link for you, but since I am not entierly sure that the scans used are mine, I won’t ^.^ Oh! Just ordered three new doujinshies of Shiki, two is ToruXNatsuno, and one is OzakiXNatsuno ^.^I also have two more that I haven’t scanned yet ^.^ One gag and one ToruXNatsuno. If you want me to scan please tell me ^.^

Ps: If anyone can find more with OzakiXNatsuno or better TatsumiXNatsuno, send me link and I might buy it someday.


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