Posted by: ankichan | November 30, 2010

Doujinshi: Shiki – Eternal Devote – ToruXNatsuno

Title: Eternal Devote(RAW)

Circle: Planet-blue

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 32 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: Toru and Natsuno in a nurse outfit.

Rating: 18



Have a Shiki mania right about now, not good for exam times XD (Well, at leat I remember the kanji for Natsu, no, and doctor XD.

If you haven’t seen Shiki you should, a moody vampire anime that takes all the old and makes it better.

Needed to do something after having my first japanese exam of the semester. so, why not scan a doujinshi before tossing down in the bed? I feel like Ozaki after the first few days…

When it comes to this pairing I am acctually not a big fan of it XD I lost interest in Toru a long time ago XD But I do support Tatsumi and Natsuno, or even Ozaki and Natsuno XD Somone know of pages XD?



  1. omg!, you make me so so happy ❤
    ahhhh 8'D thank you very much for this!
    I was looking forward to seeing more doujinshins of them two.
    Thanks! : D ah… I come from livejournal:),hehe
    I hope you do well in your exams, Miss. ;D!

    • Thank you ^.^ And no problem, I will post two more doujinshies later. ^.^

  2. I kinda prefer Toru/Natsou but I found a doujin with Tohru x Natsuno, Ozaki x Natsuno, Natsuno x Natsuno

  3. i loved it….it´s really beautiful……and so hot……jajajajajjajajaja i love shiki and i love more natsuno with tohru jejeje

    you work its really good….sorry for the bad english…….


    • No problem at all=) And thank you for the thank you ^.^

  4. Hello!!
    When I found this site and I saw the material you have about Shiki doujinshi I got happy, above all with OzakixNatsuno doujinshi!!!

    By the way, do you know about an Ozakix Seishin´s doujinshi called : “Moderation and Peace” [節度と平和] from Shiki series?

    So, if you know it, please could you tell me where I can download it?

    • Sorry, I don’t know ^-^ But you could check out Aarinfantasy, most of what is scanned is put there so.

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