Posted by: ankichan | August 24, 2009

Doujinshi: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX – Melt to violet – JudaiXJohan anthology

1.front cover

Title: Melt to violet(RAW)

Circle: various

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages:120 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: JudaiXJohan

Rating: 18



Sorry for the wait on this one, got it from my great big brother in the vacation, but my scanner was hidden away in the basement. I planned on scanning it first thing after moving for school, but I forgot the stuff that makes my scanner live XD I’m borrowing from a friend now, but I have bought stuff for my own scanner now so it might work again XD

Other than that I might scan my kuroshitsuji doujinshi soon, and I am after bleach doujinshies from this circle, if anyone knows a page where I can buy any of them. ^.^



  1. thank you very much for this one~
    I’m happy that you’re back^^

    • I am happy to be back ^.^

  2. …i think a saw a scanlation of a doujinshi from the bleach circle..mayble you could ask them where they got the doujin

    • That would be the strawberry poison scanlation team, I might try to ask them ^.^ thank you for the advice ^.^

  3. no problem^^ but i will try to countine to search and when i find something i will send you the link^^

  4. thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks so much for sharing ❤ and its so great to see you again here x)

    • Thank you ^.^ You are welcome =)

  5. Thanks so much for that doujin! Ive been looking for it for a while! ^^

    I’m glad that someone uploads them for others who cant get them via ebay etc.

    Thanks again! ^^

    • No problem, and I know how frustrating it can be when you want to see a doujinshi and don’t have money or any way other to get them.

  6. Have you by any chance got this one?

    • No, I’m sorry ^.^

  7. This one is totally awesome *__*
    But you posted it too late because I’ve already bought it xD
    But it doesn’t matter. : ) As book it’s even better ^^ ❤

    Anyway thanks for always sharing : D

    Which spiritshipping doujinshi will you post next?

    • The best thing is to have it for yourself ^.^ I bought a few ones I had seen other places just because they are so awsome that it would be a crime to not buy them ^.^

      Hm, I don’t know really, I am waiting for the darkspiritshipping anthology that is comming, so I will have to wait and see ^.^

  8. have u seen this new doujin?

    • Nope ^.^ Thanks for the link, will see about it ^.^

  9. i just posted some other doujin links on the Johan x Judai site on LiveJournal if u are interested. Most seem to be dark spiritshipping.

    Hope it helps ^^

  10. this looks pretty cool too (its only the ebay artnr sry) 380140738867 xD

    johanxjudai 4 evaaaaa xD

  11. I’ve recently turned to Yugi-Oh Gx and this is one of the few doujinshi I can find but the download doesnn’t seem to work. Well it does, but the file doesn’t show the doujinshi, I think the files may be broken or didn’t download right….I’m sorry for bothering you like, but do you think you can re-upload the file again on mediafire?

    • I just checked the download myself, I downloaded it and it works fine.

  12. May i ask is it just me or i cant download them O_O

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