Posted by: ankichan | June 1, 2009

Doujinshi: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds – Mosika Shinakutemo Vamp!- Jack X Yusei

1.front cover

Title: Mosika shinakutemo Vamp!(RAW)

Circle: Aoiro Enogu

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 38 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: Jack X Yusei

Rating: 18



Kingcrabshipping XD, this will probably be one of the only ones with this pairing as main that I buy XD At least for now. My vampire mania works across fanbases XD

Hm, I think the story of this one is in the same storyline as the anime, not just another reality or something like that. But I can’t really say XD I can’t read a thing so, I just try to figure out with the pictures ^.^ (Man I hope I get in on Japanese next year XD)



  1. Haha, it’s barely 3 days since you last shared a doujin, and now we have another one (not that I’m complaining, lol)?

    I didn’t watch the 5Ds so I’m not familiar with the charas/plotline (Kingcrabshipping? Lol, must be the hair). But you’re right, vampires+BL=WIN. Thanks for scanning and sharing! Is there anyone who’s going to translate this?

    • Kingcrab comes from Yusie’s hair and Jack’s king title XD
      Sorry, I know someone who translated one of the stories in the gemini book for me, but that person won’t do any of the explicit ones.
      If you are willing to wait a year or two I might be able to do it myself XD If I acctually get good in japanese I will probably translate all my doujinshies ^.^

      • I see.

        Ahaha, I knew a translator that only do not-worksafe bl stuffs but I’m not sure if she’s familiar with this series. If this one doesn’t concentrate too much on the main series’ plot/cards, maybe I can try requesting her to translate this, but haha, don’t get your hopes up. She currently has lots of other stuff to translate so even she accepts, it’ll take some time.

      • I don’t think this one centers around the original story.
        It is ok if you request it ^.^ But if she don’t have time it is ok too:)

  2. omg!A jackxyusei doujinshi *-*
    thank you so much!!*hug*

  3. thats just sick and wrong ,,,,

  4. Thank you for sharing :3.

    Do you have any other Jack x Yusei doujins? 😮

    • I don’t have anymore of them, just “Kare Kare” by gaia666, but that isn’t main Yusei and Jack, they just are there.

  5. hi^^
    is it okay if i ask utopia if they have time to translate this doujinshi?^^

    • Oh=) that is ok ^.^ remember to send me if you get it translated ^.^

  6. Meian from Utopia wants to talk to you first ,bevore she is going to translate the doujinshi

  7. dont know she said that she has to speak to the scanner first

    • Ah XD Sounds fair, how do I talk to her?

    this is her site,you see a shoutbox there,right?
    You can talk to her through this ^^

  9. hey!

  10. Can i buy this book some or do i have to download it if not is there another way i could get it.

    • If you want to see the ones I have put out you have to download it. I don’t sell them, so you have to go to the download under the info and download it from mediafire.

  11. I tried to download it and it did not work, what should do to get it to download.

    • Do you get the mediafire site? Or don’t you get anything from the mediafire site?

  12. I don’t anything from the mediafire site.

    • You don’t get anything from there how? You are supposed to get download link when you let the mediafire site load. If you go in there and still don’t get to download, I am not sure what is the problem.
      Anyone else knows?

  13. after i download into my computer it tells me that there is no default application specified to open this document.

    • Ah, you need to download a unzip program, I have the winrar, you just find a program, install, and use it to open the file the pictures are in.

  14. How do i find the winrar you have.

  15. thanks for your share.I like it very much,though my japanese is very very poor.(who can translate it QAQ) how I wish someday I also can own some doujinshi XD~
    3Q again~

    • no problem ^^ my english isn’t good yet either XD

  16. File moved or deleted ;_;

  17. i have been buying and scanning a few if anyone wants them please email me at

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