Posted by: ankichan | May 3, 2009

Doujinshi: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX – Cesare Creatore Che Ha Destrutto – HaouXJudai


Title: Cesare Creatore Che Ha Destrutto(RAW)

Circle: Skinboy

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 42 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: HaouXJudai

Rating: 18

Warning: rape, violence and gore.



This one is really disturbing. I love it, but it is disturbing, I think Hell Johan has killed someone horribly in the last part…

But other than that I think it is based on the same concept as the Electrical communications doujinshi. Haou as a robot, and Hell Johan as the professor, even the long hair and hell Johan smoking is the same.

Well, enjoy this XD



  1. -clicks download button-


    • Hope you like it XD

  2. omg that was great *-*
    thanks for scaning this!^^
    hm…i have one question..
    do you know yugioh 5d’s?

    • Yeah ^.^ I have watched to the middle of season 2 I think XD
      I also have one of the doujinshies here that is both GX and 5Ds ^.^
      And I have one more that I haven’t scanned yet, that involves the bizzare pairing of JackXJudai and YuseiXHaou XD

      • I SAW THAT 8D

        Scan Scan Scan Please Please Please~~~ <333

        I seriously need to get my own debit card to buy stuffs online D8

      • I have to do it when I have the time for it XD Exams now ^.^ Might do it tonight XD

  3. Lol, is this selfshipping like puzzleshipping? I’ve only read a few fanfics about this pairing (ffnet’s Mirrors is the latest) and can’t decide whether I like spirit or self more, maybe both where Haou and Johan can compete for Judai’s attention~ Love triangle ftw XD

    This is a bit late but thanks for sharing!

    • I think it is selfshipping XD But I see a lot of selfshipping with Johan and Hell Johan too, so I kind of see that Hell Johan and Haou could get together, and Johan and Judai XD But that is just me XD I usually let Haou and Johan share Judai if I don’t put Hell Johan into the story XD

  4. um…is there a version in English? mine came out in Japanese and I can’t read it..

    • As long as it don’t stand Scanlation it is just in japanese, I’m sorry, but all the GX doujinshies is just in japanese.

  5. wait, why can’t I open it?

    • sorry for late reply, but it is either a zip or a rar, so you need to have winrar to unzip them after you downloaded =)

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