Posted by: ankichan | May 3, 2009

Doujinshi: Yu-Gi-Oh! DM/GX/5Ds – Kare Kare – YuseiXHaou/JackXJudai


Title: Kare Kare(RAW)

Circle: gaia666

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 36 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: YuseiXHaou/JackXJudai

Rating: Worksafe



This one is really cute and all, but I am a JohanXJudai supporter, so I don’t like how he is pushed into the background in this one. Poor Johan…

Hm, I don’t have so many more doujinshies now… so tell of you see any good ones at any buy sites ^.^ If I trust the sites I might order XD



  1. Oh YES! 8D

    -clicks download-

    • Once again, enjoy =)

  2. thank you^^
    at first i thought that would
    be a jackxyusei & haouxjudai doujinshi xD
    kiryu and yami marik looked weird somehow ö.ö
    but i like it ^^
    any good buying sites?
    dont know if this one is good
    i’am not old enough to order things..
    there all japanese sites but i think
    with google tranlator it will work somehow xD

    • I bought these ones on Mandarake ^.^ If you put in en instead of ja in there, you will get a english site =)
      Kiryu and Marik did look weird alright XD

  3. oh didnt know that xD thanks

  4. Hurr hurr. *download* Thanks for uploading all of these =D
    Oh, I wanted to point out, since you mentioned needing suppliers..
    AkibaLine has quite a few doujins, some good high-modes, a Goendama one, and some tendershipping ones too. Sadly no GX ones yet, though. I’d order from them myself, but I’m too young so. =D;;

    • Only problem with ebay is that it is only the last way out XD They cost so much compared to other sites XD

      • Yeahh, that’s true.

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