Posted by: ankichan | April 6, 2009

Doujinshi: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX – Paradise verlor (JudaiXHaou petite anthology)


Title: Paradise verlor  208010 petite anthology(RAW)

Circle: Various

Scanner: Anki-chan

Pages: 72 (Not counting covers)

Pairing: JudaiXHaou.

Rating: 18

Warning: Some violence, rape scenes and a lot of sex.



A lot of sex in this one. Oh God adult Judai can be mean, poor Haou.

I think this basicly is about Judai getting his sweet revenge on Haou after getting some real powers himself. But I thought it might be Yubel being so mean, since one of the stories involves a plant creature… and the code 208010? I got that 8010 was Judai and Haou… does 20 mean adult Judai? Or Yubel? Help me T.T… am I just putting too much into this?

Please comment 😛 Or I won’t post more XD


  1. arigatougozaiasu ><!!!
    Judai x Haou + Johan x Judai Banzai!!

    • You are welcome ^.^

  2. Holy cra-

    Was searching for random stuff online and I just stumbled across this jewel-

    How long I’ve searched for scanlations of JudaixHaou doujinshi-

    -kneels down-


    m(_ _)m

    Thank. You. SO. MUCH.

    m(_ _)m

    • No problem ^^ I had a hard time finding these ones to buy, so I decided to post them for others that haven’t found their copy =)
      And I am getting a new batch of doujinshies soon, am so looking forward to it ! Yay=)

  3. Oh, oh, and I read your fanfiction before at too!

    Been stalking it since the first chapter came out LOL

    I didn’t expect that you were the author of it until I read your earlier posts 8D

    Great fanfic btw! ^^

  4. Downloaded it, thank you ^__^

    • No prob ^.^ Enjoy

  5. my computer is a piece of crap it won;t let me downloud it

    • What is the problem?

  6. Nooo I can’t download these doujinshis, ‘coz they are rar files.. DD:

  7. is this…….yugioh GX yaoi?

    Sadistic!Judai? Me want!

    thanks for scanning it.

  8. 8D omg ur awesome thx for uploading this doujinshiiiiss wheeee

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