Posted by: ankichan | March 29, 2009

Doujinshi: ff7 – Hell masker(CidXVincent)

I decided that I would post a few doujinshies after I scan them ^.^

Don’t expect much, all I have this far is yu-gi-oh and final fantasy 7 XD

I will post one of the Final fantasy seven ones now. I am a fan of the K.Haruka doujinshies, and decided to buy a few ones I never found anywhere on the net. (I also bought a few I had found, just to have them, and I recomend that to others too^.^)

front-coverTitle: Hell Masker (RAW)
Doujinka: K.Haruka
Circle: BE HAPPY
Scanner: Anki-chan
Pages: 62 (Front and back not counted)
Pairing: Cid and Vincent
Rating: 18
Warning: Some minor violence and a soft sex scene



I will post more doujinshies as I have the time, first I will post up my Johan X Judai doujinshies, then I will start scanning my Ryou and Bakura ones, I also have one of the big k.Haruka anthologies, and a Judai and Haou anthology is comming in the post soon ^.^

And if anyone wants to scanlate, please let me now, ^.^ I want to know what is going on XD



  1. Thank you for the upload. 😀

  2. It seems the mediafire doesn’t let me use the link, it says the browser doesn’t support the source.
    Do you happen to know what browser does, or do you have this in megaupload?

    • I don’t have it on megaupload, but I use mozilla firefox, if you try that and it still won’t work I can try and arrange a new link with megaupload.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing the upload, it’s been hard to find this doujinshi.
    But when I tried to download (I have mozilla firefox too :D) but the media fire says it’s invalid or deleted?

    If you uploaded it onto megaupload, could you share the link? Thanks 🙂

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